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Professor Higgs stole the prize from the author of the theory of Superunification

The nature of the formation of mass was first discovered by Russian scientist Vladimir Leonov in 1996, and not by Professor Higgs:

Leonov V. S. Quantum Energetics. Volume 1. Theory of Superunification. Cambridge International Science Publishing, 2010, 745 pages.

Chapter 3. Unification of electromagnetism and gravitation (pages 167-261)
TEXT PDF Chapter 3. Unification of electromagnetism and gravitation

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TEXT PDF The universe: Boiling bouillon of quanton
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3.5.1. Formation of mass (pages 218-219)

To understand the nature of gravitation and gravity it is necessary to understand the nature of the mass of the particle (solid). In the classic theory of gravitation, the mass of the particle (solid) is used as a measure of gravity and inertia. Einstein added that the mass is the measure of curvature of space-time. Now, the theory of Superunification shows that the spherical deformation of quantised space-time is the measure of mass. Thus, this shows that the mass is a non-independent secondary formation in the quantised space-time, does not represent an isolated system (thingin-itself) and is an open quantum mechanics systems, linked permanently with the quantised medium as its bunch of the energy of spherical deformation of the medium. In fact, the classic mass typical of physics dissolved in the quantised space-time as the measure of matter which in the region of the microworld of the elementary particles simply does not actually exist. In reality, there is only the spherically deformed local region of the quantised space-time whose deformation energy (3.56) determines the particle mass. Therefore, the movement of the particle with the mass in the superelastic quantised medium is the wave transfer of the energy of spherical deformation of the medium governed by the effect of the principle of corpuscular-wave dualism. The Superunification theory makes it possible to derive equations describing the mass m by the vector of spherical deformation D (3.43) of the quantised space-time. The Gauss theory determines unambiguously the mass by the flow of deformation vector (3.43) penetrating through the closed surface S around the particle [12]:

Equation of the mass (3.85)

Equation (3.85) treats the mass of the particle (solid) as the parameter of spherical deformation of quantised space-time. Remove the spherical deformation from the quantised medium and the mass disappears. This is observed in annihilation of the positron and the electron when the energy W of spherical deformation of the particles is released and transfers to the electromagnetic energy of radiation of gamma quanta [13]:


Equation (3.87) determines the equivalence of the mass and energy of deformation of the quantised space-time. The spherical deformation of the quantised medium is not linked with the disruption of its electromagnetic equilibrium [1] because the quanton is compressed uniformly from all sides, establishing the same displacement of the charges with the sign (+) inside the quanton (1). The spherical deformation of the medium can be regarded as the longitudinal displacement of the quantons along the radius in the direction to the gravitational boundary of the particle (solid). The release of the energy (3.87) of spherical deformation into photon electromagnetic radiation is also associated with the fact that the carrier of gravitation is a quantum which is also the carrier of electromagnetism and the carrier of the electromagnetic wave. All these problems are described convincingly by the theory of Superunification, but they are outside the framework of this chapter.

The theory of Superunification has experimental support:

3.5.3. Simple quantum mechanics effects (pages 224-227)

10.9.1. Results of the tests of a quantum engine for generating thrust without the ejection of reactive mass (pages 685-689)

Video: The tests 2009 of a quantum pulsed engine for generating thrust without the ejection of reactive mass. http://theoryofsuperunification-leonov.blogspot.ru/2011/07/video-tests-2009-of-quantum-pulsed.html

The Higgs boson has no experimental verification. This is a major scientific fraud, deception and falsification.
Leonov. Higgs boson does not exist in nature:

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